World’s Best Lead Guitarists with Video

Here is a compilation of the world’s best lead guitarists of all-time by YouTube member: Mike Redshaw. Personally, I won’t dispute his list — I think he picked some of the best guitarists known to mankind. However, one could argue for days who “their” version of ‘best guitarists‘ are. There’s a lot of talent out there and everyone get’s moved by music / guitars differently. For me, if I were to pick just one “best” guitarist, it’d be Randy Rhoads (not on his list). All of his work has moved me and he was one of my biggest influences when I started playing guitar. Okay Gear-Vault readers, who would you pick for the ‘world’s best lead guitarist‘ of all time?

In this list you will find:

Zakk Wylde
Carlos Santana
Kirk Hammett
Peter Frampton
Eric Johnson
Eddie Van Halen
Eric Clapton
Jimmy Page
Jimi Hendrix

Honorable Mentions:

Please note: this is not our list. But in any case, you can make an argument that this is a good ‘best guitarists‘ of all time list.


  1. It is difficult because I would want to pick the best for this or that genre of music. But I think I would go with Steve Vai because he has shown that he can play many different styles. I mean the guitar dual in Crossroads alone, come one!
    Great topic Gear Vault!

  2. We are running a poll for the Worlds Greatest Living Guitarist at the moment which includes some but not all of the names in this post – would be great to get your vote 🙂


  3. Any discussion of “greatest living guitarist” that does not have Richard Thompson at the top is meaningless. All other axemen are also-rans.

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