Velvet Revolver Ready to Announce New Lead Singer?

Velvet Revolver searching for new singerVelvet Revolver has been searching for a new lead singer. Entertainment Weekly reports that front man from Spacehog, Royston Langdon is in line up for the position.

During a recent interview with drummer, Matt Sorum, revealed that the band is in negotiations with a big shot vocalist, no names have been released yet. Sorum, stated, “Nothing yet. We got a call from a pretty big guy who wants to be our singer. I can’t say who that is yet but talks are happening about it and hopefully we’ll see what happens in the next couple of months.”

When asked about the band name changing, Sorum, replied, “No, we’re going to call it Velvet Revolver. I mean we’ve worked really hard getting that name out there. So, with the core band staying the same I think it’s the right thing to do.”

A insider told Entertainment Weekly that several practice sessions have been very successful but with who time will tell.

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  1. anarchy is what we need. didnt slash say he was gonna put an online website audition!??? thats not fair. so many excellent singers are unknows. take me for example

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