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Fender Custom Shop Celebrate 60th Anniversary of the Telecaster Guitar

Fender Custom Shop’s 60th anniversary Tele-Bration series commemorates the very earliest models of what would by early 1951 be called the Telecaster. The five Tele-Bration guitars present finely crafted reproductions of several of Fender’s most collectible historic instruments—each limited to 60 guitars—and will be released sequentially beginning in summer 2010 […]

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Fender Custom Shop Guitar Line-Up

The best of Fender’s best comes from the world-famous Fender Custom Shop in Corona, CA, and 2010 is already shaping up as an amazing year at the “Dream Factory.” The Custom Shop is proud to introduce several highly-distinctive and incredibly-limited new instruments, including several 60th anniversary models. […]

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Fender Custom Shop Esquire Guitar

The Fender Telecaster is seen by many as the primordial electric guitar. It is brutally simple and to the point, built for functionality, and tends to appeal to the caveman contingent of the guitar community, of which your humble Gear-Vault scribe proudly considers himself part. What a lot of players forget is that there is a Fender guitar that is even more stripped-down than the Tele, one that makes Teles seem like Cadillacs. That guitar would be the Fender Esquire […]