Paul Reed Smith Original Sewell Amplifier

Paul Reed Smith Original Sewell AmplifierVery few guitar makers ever become known for the amps that they make. They all try it, at one time or another, but Leo Fender seems to have been the only one to figure out both ends of the tone equation equally well. That is, until now.

Iconic modern-day guitar maker Paul Reed Smith, best known for his colorful, flamed-top luxury guitars, has gone into the amp business in a pretty considerable way recently, with a number of models that each channel different parts of the vintage tone firmament. Ultimate 50’s amp sounds are handled by The Original Sewell, which is a flagship-worthy amp named for its designer, Doug Sewell. The Original Sewell is available in 50- and 100-watt head and combo configurations (1×12 and 2×12) and users are also given a choice between 6L6 and EL34 power tubes, although EL34’s are recommended as the best choice for the Sewell’s proprietary preamp circuit. An optional reverb is also available.

The Original Sewell features a simple and elegant front panel, with controls for Volume, Master Volume, Treble, Bass/Boost, a Bright switch, and an input jack. The tonal vibe of the Sewell is high gain, more than anything, and it really pushes for tube saturation and overdrive. Think the best of 50’s Tweed coupled with some late 60’s British attitude.

The amp has a lovely fat midrange that is great for Clapton/Santana-style lead work, yet chords are clear, articulate, and refined. Even when fully dimed out, the amp remains defined and never falls victim to the mush and mud that so many high-gain rides turn into. While the Sewell is the polar opposite of cheap, with a retail price of $4385.00 for the 100-watt head alone, pros and those with the means as well as the desire will want to take one of these for a spin, as these amps feel like they are just on the verge of becoming legendary. When only the very best will do, The Original Sewell just might be the amp you need to own.

Paul Reed Smith Original Sewell Video Demo

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