PRS Guitars Debuts Tube Amplifier Line

Dallas, Blue Sierra, and original Sewell

NAMM 2009 (January 15th) – After four years of intimate creation with master amp designer Doug Sewell, PRS Guitars introduces the highly anticipated PRS tube amp line at Winter NAMM 2009.

I met Doug Sewell at the Dallas International Guitar Show several years ago and needed an amp for that evening’s performance, so I borrowed one of his and was floored,” said Paul Smith. “We started working on this series and tried every conceivable component and circuit combination. Derek Trucks, David Grissom and several other known amp tone artists are now using this new amplifier line both live and in the studio. We’re pleased to be working with Doug and to have him leading the PRS amp team.

Paying tribute to both timeless American as well as British amps, Sewell and Smith aimed the PRS crew to produce an unforgettable line. The line will cover the needs of varied playing styles while providing some distinctively different tonal abilities.

The Dallas, Blue Sierra, and original Sewell models made their official appearance at NAMM 2009 in Anaheim.

Creating polished tones that overdrive pleasingly, the Dallas ranks to the classic American reverb amps with more useable gain and slightly fuller midrange. Its percussive attack, thick lows, and sweet highs produce open, three-dimensional tones and massive sounding cleans.

Guitarists seeking definitive American and British tones with what Doug Sewell calls “Texas attitude” will likely cling on to the Blue Sierra and never let go! With gain structured for equally sound cleans to in between gain overdrive tones, the Blue Sierra works amazing with both single coils and humbuckers. Medium gain settings allow insistent cleans to crunch effortlessly and are controllable with picking.

Remembering ’50’s American amps but with very large gain structure, the Original Sewell model PRS amp provides spectacular tone leveling in the medium to medium high range. Tones are insanely warm and rich giving an colorful quality to lead work. Evenness is stressed with highs and tight lows surrounding a huge, warm midrange.

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