Michael Kelly Hex Deluxe and Vex Deluxe Electric Guitars

Michael Kelly Guitar Company has announced new versions of its popular Hex Deluxe and Vex Deluxe double cutaway models. The featured upgrade for 2009 is the addition of a scorching new set of active pickups. The Deluxe twins are the first guitars on the market to come equipped with Rockfield Pickups’ new Black Betty active humbuckers. “Consumers were asking us for a specific tone and performance level for the modern music environment,” explained Tracy Hoeft, the company’s founder.

“When Todd Rockfield shared these new pickups with us, we instantly knew that these exactly matched what our users had been asking for.”

Another key feature on the Hex Deluxe and Vex Deluxe is their set-thru-body construction. This construction provides the great tone of a set-neck instrument with the added access provided by a neck-through-body construction. Both of the Deluxe models have 24 frets, a custom inlay design, Grover tuners and exotic wood options. The Hex Deluxe boasts an original Floyd Rose tremolo while the Vex Deluxe has a string-through body design and a fully carved top.

Michael Kelly Hex Deluxe Video

performed by snubmetal

Hex Deluxe

Michael Kelly Hex Deluxe

Michael Kelly Vex Guitar Video

performed by TTK

Michael Kelly Vex Deluxe

Michael Kelly Vex Deluxe

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