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StealthPedal Laptop recording

What do you get when you combine a USB guitar audio interface, a software controller, a wah pedal, and some awesome guitar recording software? You get the StealthPedal, the latest offering from IK Multimedia (a company known primarily for its software).

The StealthPedal is a USB-powered audio interface packaged in a wah pedal. The StealthPedal will allow you to both play and record in addition to actually controlling the AmpliTube software (or any MIDI controllable software, for that matter). Best of all, using the StealthPedal gives you the same feel, ease, and size of a regular guitar effects pedal.

The StealthPedal gives you the ability to record your guitar or bass directly to your PC or Mac using 24-bit A/D and D/A conversion running at 44.1/48 kHz. The StealthPedal features two separate input jacks (Hi-Z and line level) as well as dual outputs. As a bonus (as if you needed another one), the pedal also features a headphone out.

One of the awesome things about the IK Multimedia StealthPedal is that the expression pedal and switch can be used to control any parameter of the included AmpliTube software. You can also add an additional expression pedal and a pair of extra switches, which will give you a miniature pedal board-type setup with control over preset and single effects. Also, the StealthPedal will not keep you tied down to the AmpliTube software. You are able to use it to control any effects plug-in, DAW, or virtual instrument, as long as they are MIDI control capable.

The StealthPedal isn’t just another cheaply built plastic box, either. It features a metal case and classic wah pedal good looks.

When it comes to included software, the IK Multimedia StealthPedal is no slouch, either. It comes bundled with AmpliTube 2 Live, AmpliTube X-GEAR, and Sonoma Riffworks T4. Designed to get you recording from the start, the StealthPedal gives you what you need to lay down those great tracks out of the box.

The StealthPedal is new, and was just featured at the 2009 NAMM show. Check it out!

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