Ibanez BTB Bass Guitar

Ibanez BTB 1205e
Ibanez BTB Bass are not just bad-ass…

Easy to play

Ibanez Guitars are known for making basses that are easy to play. But their BTB bass, with its longer neck scale and offset-center line neck, may be the easiest playing bass Ibanez ever made.

For playing hard

While it’s easy to play, the BTB is perfect for players who play hard. With rock solid construction and heavy duty hardware like Neutrik locking jacks, the BTB is as close to indestructible as you can get.

For playing heavy

The BTB’s 35″ neck scale not makes playing easier, it’s the best scale length for 5-string bass players and players who tune down.

If you’re a technical player, the BTB is a real alternative to the more expensive boutique basses. But if you play hard and heavy, the BTB bass is the ultimate-alternative.

Ibanez BTB 1205e

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