Gibson Jonas Brothers Melody Maker Guitar


Through the course of four hit albums, two Disney Camp Rock movies and other film appearances, and several music awards, the Jonas Brothers have established a reputation for making widely appealing pop music.

Songs like “SOS,” “Burnin’ Up” and “Lovebug” also glisten with a gutsy rock edge and attitude, however, and display the brothers’ fondness for a chunky electric guitar. And through it all, the Jonas Brothers have favored Gibson guitars. To celebrate their success, Gibson USA has created this special Jonas Brothers Melody Maker, a guitar designed in the image of the original single-cutaway Melody Maker of 1959/’60, but with popular upgrades to solidify its status as a genuine tone machine.

For several years, players in the know have turned to the Melody Maker as an accessible piece of genuine Gibson tonal splendor, and added their own slight modifications to turn this entry-level guitar into a true rock monster.

To a thin and lightweight yet extremely resonant mahogany body like Gibson’s original “student” model and the Melody Maker’s simplified hardware and control layout, the Jonas Brothers Melody Maker adds a traditional full—size headstock for increased resonance and strength, and the addition of a second P—90 single—coil pickup, as originally carried on the Melody Maker’s big brother, the Les Paul Special, along with other upgrades.

To make it all stand out in pure Jonas Brothers style, all three brothers have hand—signed the pickguard and their trademark “JB” shield graphic adorns the front of the Satin White—finished body.

All in all, it’s a unique new Gibson USA model with a broad appeal, and a no—nonsense attitude, primed for rock, pop, blues or the music of your desires. Check it out now at an authorized Gibson dealer.

Limited run of 300

Gibson Jonas Brothers Melody Maker Guitar


  1. This has to be a joke. What demographic does this aim for? An Epiphone version would’ve been more fitting.

  2. If you ask me the Jonas Brother don’t deserve their own guitar……..especially from gibson. But if you look at it from gibsons point of view it’s good they made this because there are people who like the jonas brothers and wanna learn their songs (for some reason) but gibson will be making tons of money from this. In my opinion the only one who truely deserves a melody maker its Joan Jett.

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