Fender Acoustasonic Telecaster Guitar

Fender Acoustasonic Telecaster GuitarPRESSER–Fender continues its long tradition of innovation with the January 2010 introduction of the Acoustasonic Tele guitar model.

The Acoustasonic Tele guitar is like no other Telecaster model in Fender history in that it was designed specifically to produce lush, full and authentic acoustic guitar sounds.

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Listeners may do a double-take when they see and hear it – far from the model’s traditional twang and bright, biting electric tone, the Acoustasonic Tele produces sounds with all the resonance and complexity of a full-bodied acoustic guitar.

This unusual sonic feat is accomplished using the digital audio wizardry of the Fishman Aurasystem, a groundbreaking musical technology that allows several uncannily genuine acoustic guitar tones to emanate from the iconic form of a Telecaster.

The Acoustasonic Tele’s unusual rosewood bridge, chambered body and Twisted Tele neck pickup conspire to produce a truly unique new take on Fender’s original and ever-versatile guitar. Fender describe the tones from the Acoustasonic are “Brilliant and authentic acoustic sounds”.
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  1. I was wondering if Fender made retrofit acoustic pickups to make my electric tele into an acoustasonic telecaster. Anyone?

  2. Not like no other in history… The 90s Fender HMT thinline telecaster with a bridge piezo and neck lace sensor has a great acoustic sound when plugged in… It looks great too with a Jaguar neck/headstock and black body….

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