DigiTech iPB-10 Multi-Effects iPad Pedalboard

DigiTech iPB10
DigiTech goes more tech — DigiTech recently announces the all-new iPB-10 Multi-Effects unit that is programmable with your iPad. You can build your own pedalboard unit with a simple swipe of your finger. Is this something you’d use? Let’s check it out…

From DigiTech.com:

    “The DigiTech iPB-10 Multi-Effects unit allows you to create your ultimate pedalboard. Designing your pedalboard couldn’t be any easier, simply drag and drop up to 10 different pedals, in any order, to each pedalboard. Moreover, you can even add a guitar amplifier and cabinet to each setup that you design. DigiTech made sure you have plenty of options to choose from, including; 87 different pedals, 54 amps, and 26 cabs. The options to build ‘your sound’ are virtually endless. Your pedalboard is controlled by simply swiping your finger across the iPad, which you can rearrange your pedals, turn them on and off, or adjust their controls/knobs.

    Traditional multi-effects have given you the overall flexibility to change the entire configuration of your signal chain with a single footswitch. The iPB-10 brings the concept of presets to a pedalboard. This allows you to save 100 of your favorite pedalboards with the touch of your finger, and instantaneously recall them with the stomp of your foot. You can have a different pedalboard for each gig, set, song, or even switch pedalboards within a song.

This sounds great and dandy and all, but how does the unit handle live gig action? As you know, gigs can get pretty insane. Sweating, spill a beer, step-on, drop, get crunched from out-of-control moshing, will this unit hold up and be gig worthy? I am skeptical. I’ll take my trusty tube-amp and pedalboard on the road and leave this unit in the safe and dry studio. The DigiTech iPB-10 will begin shipping in June 2011 at $699.95 MRSP.”

DigiTech iPB10

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  1. I really love the concept. I think tablets are only going to become more useful as companies like DigiTech take advantage of them. A little steep for my liking though…

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