DBZguitars: Anatomy of a Rockstar – Dean Zelinsky

Dean ZelinskyPremier Guitars had the pleasure of meeting Dean Zelinsky and doing a really cool video interview with the godfather, himself. Scroll down to watch this exclusive video interview.

Brief Background of DBZguitars:

Dean Zelinsky debuted his original line of guitars during the West Coast NAMM show back in 1977. He was only a 19 year old rocker at the time; with a passion for guitars. However, the guitars Zelinksy wanted to play simply were not being made by anyone. His solution was to build the revolutionary guitar himself. His ideal guitar was something that were more radical looking.

Today, we have the advantage of technology. With computerized routers, literally anything imaginable can be built – no limitations. DBZ Guitars, founded by Dean Zelinsky along with his partners Jeff Diamant and Terry Martin, is the melding of his past 30 plus years of guitar making with modern day technology. DBZgutiars, like no other guitar company, are uniquely using this technology to take the guitar to the next level. Visit DBZguitars at: dbzguitars.com

*Mod edit – both EgoTV and FarmTV are no longer available. Below is a Dean Zelinsky interview with PremiereGuitars. Enjoy!

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