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Guitar Chords Chart – Print This Free Guitar Chords Chart

Here’s the free printable guitar chord chart sheet with all the basic guitar chords any beginning guitar player needs to know. Print or download this sheet with beginner guitar chords for easy reference. If you have problems printing or don’t know how to read guitar chord charts, have a look here: how to read guitar chord charts.

If you need some more explanation about these guitar chords for beginners, have a look here: basic guitar chords. There are thousands of songs made with these chords, so it’s a must to learn them all, whether you play acoustic or electric guitar.

The best way to get these basic guitar chords in your fingers is by playing songs. Try to memorize the guitar chord chart as quickly as possible, but be patient with yourself because it takes some time until you can play the chords swiftly and with a clean sound.

These are some of the possible difficulties you can run into:

The chord doesn’t sound clean. Some strings make a buzzing sound and some strings don’t give any sound at all.

Possible solutions:

Your finger might be too far away from the fret or too close to it.
If a string doesn’t sound you might be touching it with the flesh of an adjacent finger. Keep the finger nails of your left hand short. Your fingers should be almost 90 degrees against the fret board and long finger nails prevent you from doing this.
Try to apply more pressure

The transition between 2 chords goes very slow
That’s normal for a beginner. Keep on practicing!
When learning songs, take out the chord changes you have trouble with and practice them a while on their own without bothering about the other chords.

Your fingers hurt
that’s normal too. keep on going till your finger tops produce a layer of corn.

Give yourself some time, your hands need to adjust to the new task they’ve just been given.

What about the right hand?

A good question, as there’s no avail in learning chords without producing any sound. There’s two things you can do with your right hand (in terms of playing chords): strumming and finger picking. […]

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Iron man by Black Sabbath Guitar Tab

Iron Man by Black Sabbath is one of my 5 easy guitar songs because of the simple chord progression. Not only is this song easy to play, it sounds powerful. This song is the beginning of metal guitar. Since the songs release in 1970, a lot of notable bands have re-made a cover of “Iron Man.” Iron Man has also been used in many TV show, films and, or course, sporting events. […]

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Guitar Tabs

Jane Says by Jane’s Addiction Guitar Tab with Video

Jane Says by Jane’s Addiction is a relatively easy song to learn on guitar, as it’s only three chords. The easiest way to learn this song is to learn and understand the chord progression, A-major and G-major — Another part of the song is played in G-major and the A11 chords […]