Boss Dr. Rhythm DR-880 Drum Machine

Boss Dr. Rhythm DR-880The Boss Dr. Rhythm DR-880 Drum Machine is a rhythm-programming powerhouse loaded with world-class drum and bass samples from Roland’s renowned SRX library. It also includes a spectacular collection of original waveforms. From studio drum, electronic drum kits to exotic and standard percussion instruments, the DR-880’s produces sounds that can be played and programmed as-is, or customized with powerful tools such as independent Equalizers and Compressors for the kick and snare drum.

You can construct detailed programming samples with the DR-880, in addition, you also have the option of taking the easy route with its 3 EZ Compose buttons, which allows the original patterns to be created without note-by-note programming hassles.

Patterns can be taken even deeper with the “Groove Modify” feature, where various groove and triplet feels can be applied. Ghost notes and fills can also be added automatically. Guitar and bass players can join in on the action by plugging their instrument directly into the DR-880’s Guitar/Bass Input jack, and playing through the built-in COSM Drive/amp models and multi-effects such as flanger/phaser/chorus, reverb, and delay. For acoustic guitars, the DR-880 features an Acoustic Processor, reverb, and chorus. Bass players can add flavor to their tone with the DR-880’s compressor/limiter, flanger/phaser/chorus, delay, and COSM bass amp models.

In addition to an array of analog audio I/O, the DR-880 also has a S/PDIF digital out and a USB port for MIDI interfacing and SMF Data import. For more information, visit BOSS’s official website at

Boss Dr. Rhythm DR-880

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