Vox Amplification Cambridge Reverb Series

Vox Amplification Cambridge Reverb Vintage

The Vox 1×10 Cambridge 30 Reverb and the 2×10 Cambridge 30 Reverb Twin are two-channel, 30-watt amplifiers featuring 12AX7 tubes in their preamp sections and Celestion Bulldog speakers. Both amps have individual volume, treble and […]

Mesa Boogie Nomad 55 Guitar Amplifier

Mesa / Boogie Nomad 55 Amplifier Review

Review Mesa Boogie Nomad 55 – On specs alone, the Mesa Boogie Nomad 55 is a majestic package. Mesa was able to pack three totally independent and uniquely voiced preamps, each with their own specialized and selectable dual gain structures, into one box is nothing short of miraculous. […]

Fender Vibro King Amplifier - Vintage guitar amplifiers

Fender Vibro-King Amplifier

Created by Fender’s Custom Shop, the Vibro-King backs up it’s a blues-approved vintage Bandmaster configuration with some perfectly appropriate vintage effects. The point-to-point-wired Vibro-King provides a single channel with a “stand-alone”-style reverb circuit, tremolo and a “fat” switch. The flexible reverb system has controls for mix, tone and a dwell knob to control effect’s sustain. […]


Dimebag and his FURMAN PQ-3

Now it’s a collectors item still used by top guitarists. Dimebag owned several original PQ-3; he used the FURMAN PQ-3 for many years throughout his successful career and albums. […]