Yamaha DTX550K electronic drum kit

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Yamaha DTX550K electronic drum kitYamaha are proud to announce the release of the new DTX550K electronic drum set featuring the award winning DTX pad. — Mid-priced set with DTX-PAD Textured Cellular Silicone Heads.

The DTX550K is positioned in the middle of the DTX range in between the DTXpress IV standard set and the recently released flagship DTX900 range.

At the heart of the DTX550K is the new 10″ DTX pad for the snare drum, with the revolutionary and unique Textured Cellular Silicone Head offering unprecedented dynamic control and feel for players while the inbuilt suspension dampening design absorbs energy away from the hand and wrist for comfort and playability.

This 10″ DTX pad is a three-zone type with the pad’s rim divided into two zones that lets you play both open and closed rim-shot sounds or any other allocated voices in addition to the voice from the main drum head. The DTX pad also features a controller knob which can be assigned to many functions of the DTX500 module including pitch, tempo control and it can also be assigned to altering your snare wire tensioning.

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The DTX550K comes with three TP65 Tom Pads. These compact 7.5 inch single-zone pads are easy to play and offer a natural rebound and great dynamic response. Both a 13″ and 15″ three Zone Cymbal pad are included with the DTX550K, which allows you to play the bell, bow and edge of the cymbals for a truly realistic experience.

To complete the kit the RHH135 hi-hat pad, mounted on a Yamaha HS650A hi-hat stand is included which moves the pad via a traditional hi-hat clutch for smooth control. The pad is designed with attention to detail and with two zones offers greater dynamic realism, providing the user to foot splash effect.

At the heart of the DTX550K is the brand new DTX500 module which features an excellent selection of Yamaha acoustic drum samples. With input from international Yamaha drum artists, we have programmed 50 great sounding preset kits, built using multi layered samples from our most popular acoustic kits. Oak Custom, Maple Custom, Beech Custom, as well as a wide selection of ready-to-play kits ideal for any musical situation.

Inside the module there is a great selection of 427 high-quality voices that you can use to build 20 custom kits for when you want total creativity.

The Yamaha DTX550K can also be used to improve playing ability. With 63 internal songs, which are great for sharpening your rhythm skills, you can mute the drum part and play along with the song, or mute everything except the bass part (Bass Solo function).

You can also record your own performance data in real time and then listen back to the playback. If you want to play along to your favourite tracks, then a CD, MP3, or other audio player can be connected to the AUX IN.

Finally the Yamaha DTX550 features an inbuilt metronome for training features which includes a Groove Check function and a rhythm gate function, which only allows notes played in time to be produced. These training functions can be set for easy, normal, and pro-grade level settings to help you excel in your training. How much is it? Check for the price.


– New affordable DTX electronic drum kit featuring the acclaimed DTX-PAD
– 10″ DTX 3-zone snare pad with Textured Cellular Silicone Head
– Three tom pads, 13″ and 15″ cymbal pads
– RHH135 hi-hat pad with HS650A hi-hat-machine
– Brand new DTX500 sound module with 427 voices and 50 kits
– Performance data recording
– Auxiliary input to play along with CD, MP3 or other sources
– Integrated metronome with groove check function

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