Wizard Amplification unleashes Modern Classic guitar amp

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Wizard Modern ClassicReady to bring real guitar amplification to the everyday guitar player, Wizard Amplification now offers their Modern Classic, hand wired point to point, all tube guitar amplifier directly online for purchase. The customer will deal directly with the manufacture that has been delivering the real tone behind the scenes for decades. All Modern Classics are built at time of order and are available in a 50 watt 2 x 12 combos or 50 and 100 watt head configurations.

Wizard Amplification has been building guitar and bass amplifiers 20 years for some of the most influential and prestigious guitar heroes of our time. The Modern Classic offers you the soft, sweet tones of a vintage amp and at the stomp of a switch, the blistering leads of today’s high gain units.

The amp was first introduced at the 1995 NAMM musical industry trade show, the Wizard Modern Classic head & combo have grown in popularity far beyond the highest of expectations, now all Wizard Amplification products will be available factory direct to the customers.

Wizard Amplification
was founded nearly 20 years ago by legendary producer/engineer/tech/designer, Rick St. Pierre, Wizard Amplification offers products with the highest standards in tone, reliability, quality and appearance. Our absolute focus is on performance and value – uncompromisable quality and tone.

Wizard Modern Classic features include:

  • Two inputs (high and low sensitivity) ideal for amplifier ganging
  • Foot-switching capabilities take you from vintage clean to modern high gain with extended bottom end response
  • Lead Gain with Pull Channel Select, Lead Master with Pull Lead Boost, Rhythm with Pull Rhythm Boost, Treble, Middle, Bass and Presence controls
  • 4-8-16 ohm impedance selector
  • White or Gold graphics
  • E34L powered 50, 4T50, and 100 watt models
  • Also available in a 2×12″ combo
  • Cabinets are of 100% Baltic birch in construction with recessed steel handles, high quality speaker mounting hardware and aluminum jack plates with Switchcraft jacks
  • High grade Tolex covering add to the ruggedness that make all Wizard Speaker Cabinets a thing of beauty and road worthiness
  • Available in a variety of speaker configurations and power handling options, Wizard Speaker Cabinets reproduce warm and smooth characteristics combined with solid punch and clarity

Pricing for the Modern Classic starts at:

  • Modern Classic 50 watt 2 x 12 combo $4495.00 USD
  • Modern Classic 50 watt head $4095.00 USD
  • Modern Classic 100 watt head $4495.00 USD

Visit to learn more.

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