Waves Audio To Integrate Audio Processors With Velocity™ News Editing System

March 3, 2011 by  

Waves Audio revealed that three of its essential audio processors are being bundled with the new Velocity ESX™ by Harris® Corporation’s on-SAN editing system. This is a turnkey high-resolution workstation for journalists, reporters and broadcasters, which is also a part of the Harris NewsForce™ comprehensive HD/SD news platform.

In addition, the Velocity ESX bundle features advanced tools for equalization, time compression and pitch shifting. Wave doesn’t stop there, the Wave components include UltraPitch, a voice disguiser and pitch shifter; Renaissance EQ, a paragraphic equalizer with 2-, 4- and 6-band components; and SoundShifter, a time compression and pitch shifting processor. Of course, these are the same tools used by top engineers on hit records, major motion pictures and popular video games the world over. The Velocity ESX workstation arrives with these processors fully loaded for user expediency.

“Waves is proud to contribute to the high-end feature set of Harris Corporation’s turnkey Velocity ESX system,” says Waves CEO Gilad Keren. “Our tools have been used for years in the broadcast world, and we’re delighted to see products developed specifically for journalists working in electronic media.”

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