Vox Joe Satriani Time Machine Delay Pedal

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Vox Time Machine Delay PedalThe VOX Time Machine pedal is a flexible Dual-Mode delay, which is the second effect pedal created in collaboration between the legendary guitarist Joe Satriani and VOX. With its two delay modes and a Hi-Fi/Lo-Fi switch, it delivers a wide range of delay sounds and still remains extremely easy to use.

Main features include:

  • Dual-mode delay: “Modern” and “Vintage.”
  • Two EQ modes: “Hi-Fi” or “Lo-Fi”
  • Broad delay time range, with tap tempo control
  • Independent wet and dry stereo outputs
  • Two delay modes handle any situation

    Musician's Friend

    The Time Machine equips both “Modern” and “Vintage” delay modes. The modern mode mirrors your original unique sound with full clarity and expressiveness, and will nicely fit any style of music. As the name suggests, the “Vintage” mode delivers the sound of a classic tape delay system. An internal saturation circuit creates a warm, analog sound with a nice sensation of distortion. Soft modulation is also applied in the Vox’s vintage mode, reproducing the slight warbling formed by a tape-based delay. The outstanding effectiveness is the mere result of a dedicated process of testing and refining carried out by Joe and Vox.

    Hi-Fi/Lo-Fi switch help creates Joe Satriani’s custom tone
    Joe wanted to get a sound that blends nicely with the other players – whether you’re on stage live or in the studio – and also has some thickness to the sound. The best solution was to add a Hi-Fi/Lo-Fi switch to the Time Machine. The “Hi-Fi” mode delivers an uncolored, transparent sound. The “Lo-Fi” mode, conversely, provides a distinctive EQ, combining both low-pass and high-pass filters. This EQ uses filters that have been specifically adjusted to Joe’s taste, so that your guitar sound will blend naturally in the mix – without interfering or obscuring with the other players.

    Versatile functions deliver an equal diverse range of sound
    The Vox Time Machine is a pedal like none other, one that expands your sound-creating potential through variety practical functions. The delay time is adjustable over a wide range – from 30ms slapback to virtually six full seconds of delay (*). You can also use the tap tempo switch to set the delay as triplets, eighth notes, dotted eighth notes, or quarter notes depending on the delay range position setting. The chicken-head knobs that are the Vox tradition (notably favored by Joe) allow you to make fine-tune adjustments – even while holding a pick – so it’s easy to make quick yet precise changes. There are also two output jacks, so the unprocessed dry sound and the processed wet sound can be output separately. By connecting these two jacks to different amplifiers, you can obtain spacious stereo delay sounds that are highly effective in any playing environment. Official website:

    (*) Maximum delay is 5800 milliseconds when using the tap temp switch and 1000 milliseconds when using the delay control.

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    Vox Joe Satriani Time Machine Delay Pedal

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