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Vigier Guitars - G.V.Metal, G.V.Rock, G.V.Wood : Gear Vault

Vigier Guitars – G.V.Metal, G.V.Rock, G.V.Wood

January 14, 2009 by  

NAMM Vigier GuitarsNAMM 2009 – George Vigier, the pioneer of carbon-fiber guitar design, is thrilled to introduce a unique new addition to its arsenal. After a full year of intense research and development, Vigier Guitars proudly introduce the G.V., which is actually the first single-cutaway guitar the company have ever created. The G.V. is an honor to Georges Vigier, who generously empires to the great success of Vigier Guitars for over 20 years.

From using the company’s exclusive 10/90 system (90% wood 10% carbon) and a few other confidential materials in the design, Vigier Guitars have developed a light guitar with distinctive tonal characteristics. With its superior balanced response, lots of power, and no dead spots on the fingerboard, the G.V offers sustain that lasts forever. What’s more, the G.V. benefits from having a zero fret and Teflon nut (this prevents friction which allows the strings to glide freely across the nut) also provides an enhanced stability in tuning. Depending on the model you chose, the G.V.’s electronics will either be a pair of Amber or DiMarzio humbucking pickups that are operated by a 5-way pickup selector switch.

For this new G.V. series, Vigier has also designed and developed an exclusive bridge and tailpiece that can be locked in place once the setup is completed. This innovated design prevents any tuning problems and guarantees better sustain.

The G.V. Series includes three models: G.V.Metal, G.V.Rock, G.V.Wood. Each instruments is carefully handcrafted by master luthiers using selected grades of alder and maple. For more information, visit Vigier Guitar’s official website


One Response to “Vigier Guitars – G.V.Metal, G.V.Rock, G.V.Wood”
  1. nicky moeken says:

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE take this review off your website. George Vigier was just Patrice Vigier’s dad. He had nothing to do with the guitars, except supporting his son in whatever way he could. You’ve got a great site, but this review reduces it’s value tremendously.
    Nicky Moeken

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