The Man Behind the MESA BOOGIE History

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MESA BOOGIEMESA Engineering, also known as MESA Boogie, is a manufacturer of guitar and bass amplifiers in Petaluma, California. MESA Boogie started operating in 1971. Already a wide variety of products MESA has created Read more

Mesa Boogie F-50

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Mesa Boogie F-50Since Mesa Boogie released the Mark 5, we decided to take a look at a piece of the Boogie roots. Commence Mesa Boogie F-50; one of our favorite guitar amplifiers from the Mesa Boogie team, not just because it sounds ungodly, but because of its no-frills simple design and ease-to-use functionality. The F-50 is no longer in production, perhaps a reissue should be in order? Hint – Hint, Mr. Randall Smith… Read more