Epiphone Flying VeeWee Bullseye Zakk Pakk Electric Guitar Value Pack

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If you are just learning to play guitar and want to have a professional quality amp and guitar, then you should definitely consider the Epiphone Flying VeeWee Bullseye Zakk Pakk. This set includes an electric guitar, an amplifier, a gig case, the cords needed for connecting the amp and guitar, and three guitar picks from the Zakk Wylde signature line. Read more

Epiphone Les Paul Pee Wee Zakk Pakk Kids Guitar

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Epiphone Les Paul Pee Wee Zakk PakkThe Epiphone PeeWee Bullseye Zakk Pakk electric guitar value pack is a combination of a Les Paul guitar and a Marshall amp. The Les Paul guitar is made in a smaller design, allowing beginners and kids to learn to play on a simple to use guitar without sacrificing quality. Even though the guitar and amp are smaller than a traditional set, they are still packed with features that give you all that you are looking for in an electric guitar and amp. Read more

How to choose a kids guitar

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kids-guitar-guitar-review-childrens-guitarsMost of us readers at Gear Vault remember what age we started playing guitar and what kind of guitar we played. But many parents are stumped on which kids guitar to get their youngster. Rather then buy your child the ever so popular ‘Guitar Hero’ TV game system, why not persuade them to play the most popular American instrument, the guitar. Hopefully this article will shred light on a difficult decision on which kids guitar to purchase. Read more