When the Levee Breaks: Musical Instruments Lost in the Flood

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Nashville Flood Guitars DestroyedAs the Red River in Fargo, North Dakota, makes its annual run beyond its banks, musicians of all stripes may want to take a few quiet moments to ponder the greatest loss of priceless and historic guitars – when Nashville’s finest instruments were lost in the flood. For the good people of Music City, the memories of those terrible days in May, 2010 are still fresh in their minds, and without a doubt many people suffered far greater losses than that of a musical instrument. In the wide circle of guitar mavens, though, Nashville represents a watery, silent grave for instruments that once channeled the sounds of some of the greatest players the world has ever known. Read more

Nashville Flooding, Part 2 – Musicians Hall of Fame instruments destroyed in flood

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Stevie Ray Vaughan guitar that was flooded at Soundcheck Nashville and are now drying out May 10, 2010. Most of these artifacts are irreplaceable and are one of a kindThere are many sad stories coming out of Nashville this week, as people begin to clean up and rebuild after last weeks’ catastrophic flooding that saw the destruction of many lives, homes, businesses, and musical instruments. Many of the instruments were at a facility called Soundcheck, which provided rehearsal space, storage, and cartage to many of the area’s musicians. Also stored at Soundcheck were instruments that were part of the Musicians Hall Of Fame. Read more