Fender Mustang I and II Guitar Amps

September 12, 2010 by · 2 Comments 

Fender MustangMustang series guitar amps offer up-to-date features and loads of fun at unbelievable prices.

Aimed at guitarists from beginner to weekend warrior, these high-performance machines contain highly accurate amp modeling, a stellar collection of effects courtesy of an all-new DSP platform, and many “hidden” capabilities, yet they are easy to use right out of the box!

The visually striking design treatment looks all new, yet evocative of classic Fender styling. And with loud, lightweight power amp designs and muscular speakers and cabinetry, they sound as good as they look. The Fender Mustang is a closed-back combo with a special design speaker.

The amps come factory loaded with 24 presets built from 8 amp models and 24 effects, with tones from vintage Fender to modern Metal. The number of amp models can be increased with the use of a computer, and this amp can be completely reconfigured by the user.

All Fender Mustang amps include USB connectivity for high-quality, low latency audio output, and to engage the Fender Fuse software application for PC and Mac. Read more