History of Cort Guitars

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The history of Cort guitars bears a striking resemblance to many other Japanese and Korean manufacturers. Cort is a South Korean manufacturer of electric, bass and acoustic guitars and has been around since 1973 when it was founded by Yung H. Park along with Jack Westheimer. The company never offered any special signature guitars of its own instead choosing to offer guitars which were more or less copies in both appearance and quality to popular brands such as Fender and Gibson. Much like the Japanese brand Ibanez, this got it into plenty of lawsuits and legal issues however the company has retained its position as one of the most prominent guitar manufactures of the world. Read more

Ozzy Osbourne Wants to Make Two New Albums

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Ozzy Osbourne New AlbumThis morning Gear-Vault received information from USA TODAY that our beloved Madman, Ozzy Osbourne wishes to record two more new albums. Is this his final debut?

Ozzy is 60 years old, and has essentially proven to be the “godfather of heavy metal.” Osbourne’s professional music career started at the age of 20 with Black Sabbath. Ozzy’s first band was namely, “Rare Breed”, which was started with schoolmates; Toni Iommi (guitar riff-meister), Geezer Butler (bass) and Bill Ward (percussion). Soon after, “Rare Breed” had temporary departed, it was not until 1967 when the boys reunited and called the band “Earth”. Finally, in 1969 the legendary band name, “Black Sabbath” was embraced and history had begun. Read more