PacificDrums All-Maple Blackout Snare Drums

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PacificDrums All-Maple Blackout Snare Drums

Drum Workshop, Inc. recently unveiled a new line of quality, yet value-priced, snare drums aimed at working drummers, students and weekend warriors everywhere. The aptly named Blackout series features a stealthy black on black appearance that is neutral enough to fit in with every kit.

Designed to offer a quality, all-maple lacquer drum at a very competitive price, the Blackout Series is available in 6×10″ (retail $218.99), 4×13″(retail $272.99)”, 5×14″(retail $272.99) and 6×14″(retail $272.99) sizes and features an all-maple shell, high gloss black lacquer finish, side-to-side throw-off, oval lugs and Remo heads. Read more