Lindert Baritone Guitars

September 19, 2009 by · Leave a Comment 

If you’ve never come across a Baritone guitar, you could be forgiven for being confused by them. Just where do these long-necked axes with six fat-ass strings fit in? The actually live somewhere between a bass and a standard six-string, relating to those instruments much like a viola correlates to the cello and violin. The Fender Bass VI, designed by Leo Fender and introduced in 1961, is often considered the first commercial electric baritone. In actuality, the Bass VI is a short-scale six-string bass, tuned an octave lower than a guitar, with closer string spacing than a standard bass. True baritone guitars are tuned somewhat higher than a bass guitar, with actual tuning determined by their scale, and their use of lighter gauge strings make them easier to play than basses. And in fact, the tow guitars reviewed here demonstrate the results of different scale lengths and tuning within the baritone family. Read more