AMT Electronics British Sound BRS Guitar Pedal

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AMT British Sound–Think classic 70s rock sounds pumped out by the likes of AC/DC, Black Sabbath and Eddie Van Halen and you’ll know what the AMT British Sound, er, sounds like before you even plug your guitar in. It emulates a classic British amplifier stack. Nuff said. Read more

AMT Electronics Du Hast Guitar Pedal

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AMT Electronics Du Hast — If you like listening to grown men stripped to the waist shouting something angry in German, then you’ll love this guitar pedal. Named after Rammstein’s ditty about marriage, Du Hast, this brutal pedal has all the gain you’ll ever need. Love it till death do you part… Read more

AMT Electronics TH-1 Tube Hall Guitar Pedal

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AMT Electronics Tube Hall — The Tube Hall is a programmable reverb and delay guitar pedal driven by an onboard valve. It offers a bunch of hall, room, plate and spring reverbs and eight delay types. You can program and save 16 of your favorite settings, and you’ll even get a power adapter with this unit. Read more

AMT Electronics California Sound CLS Guitar Pedal

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AMT California Sound — The good folks at AMT’s UK distributor Black i Distortion reckon this pedal will add some ‘boogie’ (Mesa Boogie) to any setup. This pedal has that modern US saturated distortion tone associated with Metallica and the fat bottom-end makes your low E string riffs rumble like a bastard. Read more

AMT Electronics DM-3 DistMachine Guitar Pedal

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amt-distmachine-guitar-distortion-pedal-reviewAMT Dist Machine — With four banks of four programmable patches, the Dist Machine analogue distortion pedal gives you up to 16 overdrive and distortion sounds at your command. That’s a lot of versatility n such a tiny box, but there’s no compromise in tone. Read more