Amptweaker TightMetal Distortion Pedal – NAMM 2011

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Amptweaker TightMetalNAMM 2011 — The new TightMetal distortion pedal takes the TightDrive and TightBoost overdrive platform to the next level and provides over-the-top metal and hardcore crunch tones with adjustable tightness thanks to the Tight control.

This issue came up early on when discussing various ideas with Mark Kloeppel, guitarist from the hardcore band Misery Index. Like many other metal players, Mark was looking for a particular guitar tone, one with a lot of harmonics but with the ability to stop the notes really fast to work with their music. The Tight control varies the pick attack from smooth and thick to tight and aggressive. Read more

Amptweaker TightDrive Overdrive Pedal

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Amptweaker TightDrive OverdriveAmpTweaker is a new company founded by James Brown; former engineer at Peavey Electronics. James Brown is currently Chief Engineer for Kustom Amps. James Brown was responsible for some renown Peavey Amp designs, including Peavey 5150, XXX, JSX, Classic 50, Classic 30 and DeltaBlues. James was the lead engineer working with Eddie Van Halen for 13 years and also collaborated with Joe Satriani to reinforce his name in the guitar amplifier industry. Read more