Sherman Custom Guitars

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Sherman Custom GuitarsSherman Custom Guitars are manufactured in the U.S. These guitars feature bolt-on necks, 25.5-inch fingerboard and are available in a variety of body shapes and neck styles, which all feature the Sherman Tremolo System, each piece of which is machined from high-quality tool steel and hardened. List price varies for the Sherman Custom Guitar. Watch the video below to see ‘Shermanator’ rock this axe out. Let me as you this, dear faithful Gear-Vault readers, would you play this guitar?

Also, take note of Sherman’s patent Tremolo System


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  1. guest says:

    So much is incorrect with this listing.

    He uses hipshot bridges and a few custom tremolos.
    Most everything he builds has a set neck or neck through. I dont think there has ever been a bolt on.

    25.5 is probably the rarest scale length he builds as well.

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