Rees Guitars Introduces Lightweight F-Light Bass Guitar

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Rees Guitars F-Light Bass GuitarRees is proud to introduce their all-new F-Light bass guitar. The F-Light is a well designed, korina body instrument, that boasts its light weight construction, and comfortable playability when either in the sitting or standing position. The F-Light Bass weighs in at only 6 lbs, compared to a traditional bass guitar of 10 lbs.

Notice the exceptionally long upper horn for the strap, and the zero overhang of the lower bout beyond the bridge? This brings the whole neck closer to your body, which makes the bass feel less long, and easier to play. This feature is also very much appreciated by players with shorter arms and a must have for any studio.

The pickup and controls are a simple effective popular classic choice with a modern twist. Loaded with Seymour Duncan Quarter-Pound P-Bass pickups, which have particularly large pole pieces that provide an wider magnetic field while fattening up the tone and adding extra punch. However, vintage replica P-Bass pickup are an option. The controls are simply a volume and tone knob.

Rees guitars and basses are made in Cambridge, England.

  • 4 string, long 34 inch scale, bass guitar
  • Ultra-lightweight – just under 3 kg, about 6 lbs
  • Small overall length and easy to play – the long upper horn brings the headstock closer to the musician
  • Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound P-Bass pickup for punchy full tone of vintage pedigree
  • Volume rotary knob
  • Tone rotary knob having a very wide range of tone
  • Highly portable – a travel bass guitar for gigs
  • Korina hardwood body for fine tone and long sustain
  • Choice of wood colors, sunbursts, and fretboard woods
  • Price: $845

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After you have played this bass you will be asking yourself: why are almost all basses so big, heavy and clumbsy? – Well they need 34 inches of scale for fullest deep bass tone, but they don’t need the industry standard 5 kg or 10 lbs of weight and long overall length for best tone. 3 kg or 6 lbs is quite sufficient for very best tone in a well designed and constructed instrument.

Compare this to a traditional P-Bass: The sound is a bit more punchy / fuller / modern (although vintage replica pickups are also an option for traditional tone). The sustain is very long. The bass body fits closer to the musician’s body due to the sculpting. The bass feels much smaller because it hangs on the strap with the fretboard considerably closer to the musician. You don’t need to be a giant to play this one, and you don’t need to compromise tone with a short scale neck.

This bass is easy to carry on aeroplanes in a padded gig bag and put in the overhead locker.

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2 Responses to “Rees Guitars Introduces Lightweight F-Light Bass Guitar”
  1. James M. Baker says:

    I’m a small guy with a bad neck, this bass sounds light and excessable for small players. My concerns deal with the balance and overall tone , playability, and mid to high tone production of the D & E strings. Can you please give me the lowdown on these issues? Thank you, Mac

  2. Chaz says:

    You will be impressed with the overall tone, Rees doesn’t cut corners in the tone department. The koa adds attack, sustain and depth to the bass’s acoustic tone and its top bevels provide well-designed resting points for your hands. I think the Rees is definitely a good option to keep in mind.

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