Randall Nuno Bettencourt Series NB King 112

January 16, 2010 by  

Randall Nuno BettencourtLast around this time we posted a story about Nuno Bettencourt’s new signature head amplifier, NB KING 100. Following the release of the award-winning NBKing head and cab, Randall Amplifiers is proud to announce the nexst addition, the all-new Nuno Bettencourt signature combo amplifier–the NBKing 112.

The NBKing 112 is an all tube 30 watt combo amplifier powered by 4 EL84 tubes. It utilizes the same 3 channel preamp found on the 100 watt Randall NBKing head. The top facing gold control panel contains 2 full featured channels, clean and overdrive. The third channel is a dedicated solo channel containing drive and volume controls.

An oversized volume control and analog VU metre contribute to a vintage and boutique vibe. Two top mounted carrying handles make transport effortless. An effects loop and MIDI in/thru footswitch connections add versatility.

The front two-tone grill cloth contains Nuno’s logo and is both surrounded and divided by classy white piping. The cabinet houses a Celestion Greenback speaker. Pretty sweet lookin’ mofo if you ask me.
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