Platinum loops: Morbid Metal Guitars

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platinumloops-morbid_metal_guitarsMorbid Metal Guitars — PlatinumLoops have taken metal guitar loops to the next level.

Bone crushing riffs and devastating metal guitar tones offer a wealth of inspiration for the Metal producer. These massive sounding guitar loops feature de-tuned guitars as well as a de-tuned Baritone guitar for those trouser flapping low notes that normal guitars simply cannot reach.

Musician's Friend

Each riff was double tracked in our custom built studio to create the ‘wall of sound’ required for all types of metal. Our resident metal guitar god Mr Plunder shredded until his fingers were raw. With layered counter melodies and lead licks included, ‘Morbid Metal Guitars’ goes beyond any metal guitar loops you’ve heard before. Each riff was played in synch with drum loops from our popular Metalcore Drums V2 loop pack so you can use both loop packs together seamlessly. From half-time stomping riffs to fast and furious double time grooves we’ve really poured a huge helping of ‘Heavy’ into this production.

The demo includes drums and bass just for demonstration purposes, no drum loops or bass loops are included with Morbid Metal Guitars. Tempos range from 135 bpm to 230 bpm.

Morbid Metal Guitar Loops Specs & Info

  • File Formats: Acidized WAVE (.wav) Rex2 Apple Loops (.aiff) for Garageband and Logic
  • Tempos: 135 to 230 PM
  • Total File Size: 827 MB
  • Number of Samples: 214 Loops
  • Type of Samples: Played Live
  • Product Type: Instant Download in .zip format
  • Morbid Metal Guitars is available as an instant download for $79.95 USD.

More information: Platinum Loops / Morbid Metal Guitars

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