Peavey Session 300 Ecoustic Series guitar amp

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Peavey Session 300 EcousticNAMM–Peavey proudly announces the new Ecoustic Series of acoustic guitar amplifiers and the flagship Ecoustic Session 300, a powerful, feature-loaded sound system for acoustic instrument and vocal amplification.

The Ecoustic Session 300 is a bi-amplified, 300-watt, three-channel acoustic amplifier with digital effects, looper and a high-frequency ribbon driver with independent level control.

Channels 1 and 2 both provide a wealth of features, including individual 9-band graphic EQ, Gain, Master Volume, Phase Reverse, Piezo Pre-Shape EQ, Tuner/Mute, and a Notch Filter with Peavey’s patented FLS Feedback Locating System that allows users to quickly identify and eliminate problem frequencies.

Channels 1 and 2 have their own effects loops and direct outputs, as well as XLR-1/4″ combo inputs with switchable 9V/48V phantom power that can power instruments with preamps and microphones. Channel 3 is designed for auxiliary instruments and devices, such as MP3 or CD players, samplers and more. The channel includes 1/4″ and RCA inputs, and gain and tone controls.

Channels 1 and 2 also have independent digital effects sections, including Reverb, Delay and Chorus with parameter adjustments. When users select the Parameter button, the control for each effect switches from a level control to a parameter adjustment tailored to the effect selected. Chorus includes rate adjustment; Delay has feedback and tap tempo controls; and Reverb has a decay control.

Three modes of operation reconfigure how channels 1 and 2 operate to allow users even greater versatility. Duet mode keeps the channels separate, so two instruments can be used individually; Link mode runs both channels at once, so the preamps of channels 1 and 2 can be used at the same time with one instrument; and Switch mode allows users to switch between the two channels with one instrument, so the secondary channel can be used as a boost, tone mod or effects change.

The master section features a special blend control that controls the mix of channels 1 and 2 in the master output. The overall system output is governed by a master volume control and a high frequency control, which adjust the volume of the two 8″ full-range speakers and one high-frequency ribbon driver, respectively.

An optional foot controller includes a 30-second looper, as well as channel switching, tap tempo, chorus, delay, tuner/mute, delay, phase inverter, reverb and eight programmable presets. Check for price

Peavey Session 300 Ecoustic Video Overview

courtesy of TheToneKing

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