Peavey Launches the All-tube 3120 Guitar Amplifier

January 18, 2009 by  

Peavey 3120

Peavey is pleased to announce the debut of the all-new Peavey 3120 high-gain guitar amplifier head, a versatile three-channel amp with 120 watts of power and a trio of distinct voices capable of producing guitar tones from crisp and clean to total high-gain saturation.

The Peavey 3120 gives rock guitarists a triple-threat tone onslaught with generous amounts of gain, 120 watts of power and three fully independent channels of all-tube, tone-shaping performance. Each of the separate “Lead” and “Rhythm” channels feature its own gain and volume controls and an active three-band EQ, while the “Clean” channel offers nicely rounded sounds crafted by a passive three-band EQ and volume control.

The 3120’s global master volume governs the amount of power put out by its four 6L6GC or EL34 power-amp tubes, while the gain controls on the “Lead” and “Rhythm” channels adjust the amount of 12AX7 preamp gain saturation.

The 3120’s rear panel hosts a unique Peavey custom tone control feature: a three-setting damping switch that alters speaker resonance to create tight, medium and loose tones, from a precise punch for rhythmic attack to a full, widely resonant sound. Also on the rear panel is a footswitchable effects loop with dedicated send and return controls and a line out with level control. For more information, see Peavey’s official site for more.

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7 Responses to “Peavey Launches the All-tube 3120 Guitar Amplifier”
  1. Tim Brown says:

    I think the Peavey 3120 head is a very useful High Gain amplifier if you’re looking for the modern rock tone.Probably the closest economical alternative to the Mark Cameron CCV Head money can buy.Pinch Harmonics,Chunk,Dynamics,Punch and distinctive lead tones come very easily on the Crunch & lead channels.The clean channel is warm clear and very organically musical.Not Fender clean,But
    very touch sensitive also in the clean realm.
    Mesa Boogie,Fender & Marshall will all have to step up to the plate on this one.


  2. bionicsam says:

    This amplifier sounds and cosmetically looks exactly like the new Bugera 333 amplifier that people (trainspotters) first cliamed was a rip off of a JSX (by peavey) but the Bugera and the 3120 sound much more like a dual rect on high gain settings. The Bugera 333XL (with noise gate and reverb) sells for 599.99 and the 333 sells for 549.99. Not to be confused with the Bugera 6262 which is more of a Marshall clone. The new 3120 costs 999.99 at guitar center, the same place you can get the Bugera for less. Neither will have a high resale value, go with the 333XL, sounds a bit better anyways. Handwired amp for 599.99, all tube, modern gain and 120 watts. I wanted the 3120 until the rep showed me the Bugera 333XL. The 3120 does NOT have reverb nor a noise gate as the Bugera does for 400 less. Both are very loud and sound excellent. BSS

  3. Chaz says:

    Thanks for your review. It is very insightful!

  4. Joseph says:

    I have not heard the 3120 but I know it will smoke all the the Buggera series amps as they are all crap i even chose the peavey valveking over the Buggera 333XL on sound alone not going for a brand name at all but i know of people stuck with the buggera’s cause they can not even get more then 300 bucks for them if that. I also owned the JSX which was better then any Buggera i have heard and i have heard them all. The JSX is a great amp and it had the best sparkling and glassy clean tone that i have ever heard and i have played mesa’s, soldano’s, vox’s and rivera’s and this thing smoked them all. Now if the reviews are true that the 3120 has a similar clean tone to that with a distortion that is cross between a 6505 and a XXX this will be one of the best amps of all time and believe me im fussy when it comes to amps. I have been through at least 30 tube amps and Peavey always hold up to the big boys!

  5. Rollie Delgado says:

    Tried the 3120 at guitar center last week using my Charvel San Dimas. The amp smokes! Great tone clean or dirty. Sounds like a hot rodded Marshall. Plenty of sustain. Sounded alot better than a 6505 or any Marshall.

  6. Chaz says:

    Thanks for the report, Rollie. Are you going to get one?

  7. Fred Kalgren says:

    I got the special at Guitar Center which was this 3120 head with a Windsor 412 Cab..not the best cab but hey it was free..Anyway this amp sounds incredible. It doesn’t have a noise gate which set me back another 100 bucks but the 3120 lets me get any tone from classic rock to full on insane metal. All you need to do is mess with the gain. The best feature in my opinion on this amp is the mid-range. It seems like the volume actually goes down or up when I tweak the middle on the lead or rhythm channel. You can really get some mean scooped mid-range sounds and some great warm tones as well. I never cranked it to maximum yet but I got it up to about half way and it was blowing me away..I am not surprised if you can’t hear this amp from 5 blocks away if it was cranked all the way.

    I say if you want an amp that will stand the test of time then get this one! you won’t regret it. I know I will have this baby forever!

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