Peavey 6505 vs Bugera 6262 – Which is better?

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bugera 6262 vs peavey 6505

First up in this tube guitar amplifier shootout is the Peavey 6505+ (aka Peavey 5150) – Peavey 6505+ 120W Guitar Amp Head is great for hardcore or metal players. SIX – 12AX7s in the preamp add up to even more terrifying punch and mind-rattling gain. Includes footswitchable lead/rhythm channel select, effects loop, 3-band EQ, plus resonance and presence controls on each channel. Rhythm channel includes pre/post gain controls and bright/crunch switches. Lead channel includes pre/post gain controls only. Preamp output. Footswitch included. 4, 8, or 16 ohms.

The 6505 Series guitar amplifiers are named in celebration of Peavey’s first 40 years, (1965-2005.) While known as the 5150 Series, these amps became the undisputed go-to guitar amps for scores of rock, hardcore, and metal bands because of their raw tone, relentless power, and road proven reliability. And best of all, Made in the USA.. Check for price

This Peavey 6505+ demo is played using a 2×12 Marshall 1936V guitar speaker cabinet and a Jackson guitar.

Peavey 6505+ Video / Audio Demo

Performed by morbider

Next up is the Bugera 6262 tube amplifier – The BUGERA 6262 amp head is the guru of tone, designed for ultimate versatility for those who want every type of amp sound at their finger tips. From rock to country, metal to alternative, this one performs them all with raw massive power and roadworthy reliability, and virtually unlimited dynamics in a two channel configuration. The 6262’s brutal power comes from 4 hand-selected and matched BUGERA 6L6 power valves. Six BUGERA 12AX7 valves in the preamp add up for terrifying punch and mind-rattling gain. Plus you’ll love the detail in the fine reverb tails individually controllable on each channel.

Each channel features a vintage designed EQ section with Bass, Mid and Treble. Both channels offer Classic Presence control, plus additional controls to expand upon the 6260 platform for further adjustments to your monstrous tone. BUGERA added Impedance switching to match virtually any speaker cabinet, from 4, 8 to 16 Ohms. The amp comes with a four-way, heavy-duty metal footswitch for channel and effects loop selection to tap your favorite effects.

This boutique-style valve head is constructed using precision manufacturing, blended with artisan hand assembly, so you can be confident it will stand the test of time. The next time you wield your axe, feel the Soul of Valves with the BUGERA 6262. Bugera 6262 is MADE IN CHINA. Check for price

The Bugera 6262 demo is played using a ENGL 2×12 cabinet loaded with Celestion Vintage 30 and a fully stock Epiphone Les Paul Classic equipped with the original Epi pickups.

Bugera 6262 Video / Audio Demo

performed by Thomas Sladek

Peavey 6505 vs Bugera 6262 – Which is better?


10 Responses to “Peavey 6505 vs Bugera 6262 – Which is better?”
  1. ModernGuitarist says:

    I think you accidentally linked a 6505 demo instead of a 6262 demo.

  2. Chaz says:

    Haha, no the 2nd video is a Bugera 6262. The YouTube creator made the video appear like he’s playing the 6505. Watch the ending part of it. That’s why I used that video, because I like the way he did his trickery ninja magic at the end. Lol.

  3. ModernGuitarist says:

    But back to the videos, I liked the 6505 a little bit more, but not enough to make me spend almost $300 more. It was also probably because the 6505 was recorded with a high-quality mic and wasn’t being moved around.

    But I do remember seeing this over video and I thought the 6262 was better, but I haven’t seen it on youtube since then.

  4. Chaz says:

    I’m sure you can get the Bugera 6262 sound just as sweet after a tube swap. I don’t know how good their Bugera tubes are. I’m a huge Sovtek fan.

  5. ModernGuitarist says:

    Yeah, but thats whats keeping me away from tube amps right now: maintenance and tube replacements. I have a really now income, and all I can do right now is settle with my little practice amp. =/

  6. ModernGuitarist says:


  7. Tube Boy says:

    Bottom Line= tube amps require money and work. Both are fine, I own play both. Both require tubes,care, handling issues, way more work than a SS amp. If you’re lazy, cheap or broke maybe a tube amp isn’t for you, stick with a Randall/Peavey etc SS amp.

  8. Axeman says:

    Both good, Bugera probably BETTER value.

    I have owned 2 Bugeras in the past, and both sounded wonderful.

    (V5 & V55HD)

  9. Crunchbox says:

    FYI, Tube amps do not really require “regular” maintenance. Yes, you should replace power tubes every 2-5 years, or maybe once a year if you are constantly gigging. If you don’t play at gigging levels then you may never have to replace anything.

  10. Axeman says:

    @ Crunchbox: Errr WRONG! Even if you don’t use your valve amp a lot or at higher volumes, the bias current WILL drift. Even IF the valves are ok, they will still need readjustment once a year.
    If you have an amp with a valve management system, it makes things a lot easier.

    I have found with mine 1 to 1.5 years on output valves, and they DO get used a bit.

    But saying never ‘need replacing’ is just erroneous!
    Things DO need changing, pots/and or caps, may need periodic replacement.

    I’ve had people in my shop who had top end amps like ENGL’S, and drove ’em into the ground, despite them being great players, were totally CLUELESS as to how to use or maintain their amps!

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