Orange Terror Bass 500 watt Bass Head

February 2, 2009 by  

Orange Terror Bass Amp

You can feel the rumble, tremor and quake… but when you see the size of the new Orange Terror Bass you will find it hard to believe the sound that comes from this diminutive amp. Punching well above its weight, the new amp joins the famed ‘Orange Terror’ family, which has won the hearts of guitarists the world over.

Even smaller than the famed Orange Tiny Terror and weighing in around 5 kilograms, the New Orange Terror Bass is a 500-watt hybrid amplifier with a Class D solid state power section and a twin valve 12AX7 preamp to deliver a high-powered performance that can crank out 500 watts of pure legendary Orange tone.

Super lightweight for its power and sound, the compact size of the new amp has the portability that allows travelling musicians to go anywhere without worrying about what backline waits at the venue.

With the same great looks as the original Tiny Terror and a rugged construction that will stand up to the road, bass players can now be part of Tiny Terror club.

Orange Terror Bass 500w Bass Head Demo

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