Orange Dual Terror Guitar Amplifier

March 27, 2009 by  

Orange Dual Terror Guitar AmplifierThe Orange Dual Terror Guitar Amplifier is brand new for 2009 (street price will be $819). Based on the infamous Tiny Terror, the Dual Terror head features two channels and 30 watts of output. Staying with the simple design of it’s little brother, the Orange Dual Terror features three controls per channel, Volume, Tone, and Gain. One channel is voiced like the Tiny Terror and the Warm channel has a rounder top end with some added low mids for more thump and saturation. The Dual Terror also features switchable 30/15/7 watt modes to tame the beast and set yourself up for live, recording, or practicing.

Orange Dual Terror Head

Musician's Friend

Watch out! The Orange Dual Terror is even more terrifying than the Tiny Terror! Turn up your TT and listen, now imagine it at twice the power! This means a few things. Increased clean headroom is available. Also cleaner overdrive tones for better separation and dynamics. The Warmer channel inspires thoughts of old Aerosmith and Johnny Winter while the Tiny Terror channel brings on the Sabbath and Wolfmother. The 30 watts of output mean the Orange Dual Terror is even better at keeping up with the band.

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