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Nomad Factory PULSE-TEC EQ - Pultec Program EQ Emulation Plugin : Gear Vault

Nomad Factory PULSE-TEC EQ – Pultec Program EQ Emulation Plugin

October 2, 2009 by  

PULSE-TEC EQs - Pultec Program EQ Emulation Plugin

Nomad Factory, leader in tube emulation technology proudly announces the launch of their long-awaited Pultec Program EQ Emulation Plug-ins called PULSE-TEC EQs. From October 1 to 10, 2009, the new PULSE-TEC EQs will be sold exclusively at alone or as part of a 27 plug-ins bundle offer proposed at the INCREDIBLE price of ONLY $249! PULSE-TEC EQ’s is $149 alone.

The PULSE-TEC EQs combines the legendary Pultec Mid-Range Equalizer MEQ-5 and the inescapable Pultec Program Equalizer EQP-1A into a single, high-quality plug-in. The PULSE-TEC EQs sections can be enabled or disabled individually or used simultaneously for a full range of powerful analog equalization. Nomad added an analog pre-amp section which adds input and output level controls, as well as a simple ‘Clipper’ limiter at the master output section.

The PULSE-TEC MEQ-5 Mid-Range Equalizer section is designed to add body and presence to your recorded tracks, highlight, or subdue a vocalist where the vocal is already mixed within the orchestra. It can also improve the quality of voices by alternating their fundamental and overtone relationships.

The PULSE-TEC EQP-1A EQ section provides a wide range of equalization curves that makes it possible to boost very low or very high frequency notes of the orchestra without ‘muddying the middle register of the instruments. Continuous variable controls allow you to change the amount of equalization or sustained tones without steps, level or noise artifacts. Learn more at

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