NAMM 2011: DigiTech Fusion Modelling Guitar Amp Range

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DigiTech Fusion Modelling Guitar Amp

NAMM 2011 — Expanding into an entirely new product category, DigiTech today announced the introduction of its first-ever guitar amplifiers. On the back of renowned amp and effects modelling experience DigiTech are proud to introduce the Fusion Series of modelling guitar amplifiers.

The DigiTech Fusion amplifier line includes the following:

    • Fusion 30XD 30 Watt, modeling combo guitar amp (12-inch speaker)
    • Fusion 75XD 75 Watt, modeling combo guitar amp (12-inch speaker)
    • Fusion 150XD 150 Watt, stereo modeling combo guitar amp (two 12-inch speakers)

“In creating our DigiTech amplifiers, we knew we had to offer something more than a ‘me too’ product line in a market already filled with amps,” stated Rob Urry, President, Harman Music Group. “DigiTech has the unique advantage of decades of experience in creating many of the world’s most recognizable sounds, effects pedals and products, and we put all of that expertise into designing a line of amplifiers that provide an exceptional range of tones.”

The DigiTech Fusion 150XD Stereo, DigiTech Fusion 75XD and DigiTech Fusion 30XD combo amplifiers incorporate the company’s industry-standard modelling technology and effects including overdrive, distortion, reverb, delay, chorus and other mod-effects.

Ideal for any musical style, the Fusion 150XD Stereo and 75XD offer 24 amp models, 37 total effects, a built-in 30-second looper and 20 presets (100 with optional Control 2 foot controller), while the Fusion 30XD includes 12 amp models, 12 effects and five presets (100 with optional Control 2 foot controller).

All Fusion models feature a built-in chromatic tuner, an MP3/Aux input and a 1/4-inch headphones jack. The 75XD and 150XD also add a USB port that lets users connect to a computer and edit the amp’s presets.

DigiTech Fusion Modelling Guitar Amps

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