Maxon Reissue Series Effects Pedals

February 28, 2011 by  

Maxon Analog Delay Effects Pedal ReissueThe Maxon’s converted product line from the Seventies is being reissued, beginning with four models. Originally released in 1979, the Maxon OD808 Overdrive employs the IC chip of the original unit to create a vacuum tube-style overdrive, its smooth, creamy crunch tone caught on quickly, and helped to launch a long line of predecessors as well as imitators. While the D&S Distortion and Sustainer produces transistor distortion with tones that range from subtle overdrive to extreme fuzz. The AD80 Analog Delay creates 10-300ms of warm analog delay time, and the PT999 Phase Tone produces intense phasing with low-noise design and a wide dynamic range. List prices are as follows: OD808, $185.00; D&S Distortion and Sustainer, $180.00; AD80, $335.00; PT999, 190.00.

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