Marshall MG4 Series Guitar Amplifier NAMM

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Marshall MG4

NAMM 2009 – Marshall Amplification has totally renovated its popular MG guitar amp lineup for 2009 with its new MG4 Series. Harvesting analog tone, digital control, digital effects, and exclusive STOMPWARE technology, the new Marshall MG4 Series provides ultimate versatility. Seven new combo amps–plus a 100-Watt head–provide guitarists of every level with the ability to that legendary classic Marshall sound, all at an affordable price.

The all-new MG4 models are:

  • MG10 2-channel / 10-Watt / 6.5? combo amp
  • MG15 2-channel / 15-Watt / 8? combo amp
  • MG15FX4-channel / 15-Watt / 8? combo with digital effects
  • MG30FX4-channel / 30-Watt / 10? combo with digital effects
  • MG50FX4-channel / 50-Watt / 12? combo with digital effects
  • MG101FX4-channel / 100-Watt / 1 x 12? combo with digital effects
  • MG102FX4-channel / 100-Watt / 2 x 12? combo with digital effects
  • MG100HFX4-channel / 100-Watt head with digital effects

In addition, two 4 x 12? cabinets are available – the MG4X12B straight-style and the cabinet MG4X12A angled-style cabinet.

With the all-new MG4 Series, Marshall has returned to a straightforward, established-and-proven panel layout for an extreme ease of use. Gain, followed by a three-band EQ (two-band Contour Control on the MG10 Combo), Volume and Master Volume are intelligently arranged for smooth access. Push-button channel switching provides for effortless, uninterrupted transitions.

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Blending true analog tone circuitry and Marshall’s exclusive FDD (Frequency Dependant Damping) innovated technology, the solid-state MG4 Series achieves that authentic British Marshall tone and feel. The combination of line out / headphone out features speaker cabinet emulation, providing you with full Marshall-power sound when recording or practicing through headphones. What’s more, MG4 is also equipped with a line input which allows for playing along with CDs, MP3s, etc.

The MG4 Series adds Digital Effects (Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, Delay), reverb and digital programmability. The delay time can be manually set using the front panel Tap button feature. Settings for each channel can be individually customized and saved for your instantaneous recall.

All foot switchable models are compatible with the new 4 way STOMPWARE foot controller with LCD tuner function (sold separately), and all models 50w and above include a 2-way footswitch. STOMPWARE the provides seamless transitioning from sound to sound and tap tempo. What’s even better, the STOMPWARE technology allows this sophisticated multi-function pedal to be connected using a traditional guitar cable, eliminating the need for special or hard-to-find cables.

In addition, the MG50FX, MG101FX, MG102FX and MG100HFX feature a switchable effects loop for adding a favorite external effect to the sound. These models also include the STOMPWARE footswitch as standard equipment.

The End Line

Not only does the new MG4 offer the best in analogue tone, it also achieves the capabilities of digital control; from now on guitarists won’t have to choose between functionality and tone, MG4 delivers it all in an unmistakable Marshall package.

Marshall MG4

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