Check Out These Line 6 Variax James Tyler JTV Guitars

March 26, 2010 by  

line 6 Variax guitarsThe guitar buzz around the interweb right now is the innovation of Line 6 and boutique guitar maker, James Tyler (the man behind Tyler Guitars), introduction of the all-new Line 6 Variax James Tyler JTV models–In total, there are three awesome JTV models to chose from; JTV 59, JTV 69 and JTV 89.

The JTV59 is a singlecut (Les Paul) -style; the JTV69 is a Strat (w/ a bit of Jaguar) -style; the third and final model is the JTV89 shredder that boasts James Tyler’s custom bridge–the JTV89 is a metal head’s wet-dream guitar.

One thing that needs to be mentioned is Line 6 are having these guitars produced in both USA and Korea factories, obvioulsy the prices will vary. The street price for the Korean made Variax axes range from $1,099 – $1,299, and the USA made axes range form $3,699 – $4,699. James has been working on the new Variax guitars since 2008. Below are some video overviews and demos of these guitars in action.




What did you think of these three axes? Pretty nice, huh! Personally, I really like the JTV 89 the best. Why? Because I love playing rock and hard rock music. I also really the look. What’s your favorite model?


One Response to “Check Out These Line 6 Variax James Tyler JTV Guitars”
  1. Rob Burgess says:

    That James Tyler headstock must be changed! please , it spoils the whole look of the new Variax and puts it in the cheapie’ league.

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