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Helix Maya HG03Lace Music Products unveiled the debut of its long anticipated Helix guitar. The MAYA Edition crafted from their Red Label series line of guitars and basses.

The all-new Helix guitar line was inspired by a vastly successful release of the Lace Helix bass in 2008. The Helix’s rave review and worldwide approval by bass players last year inspired Lace’s newest model announced at Winter NAMM 2009.

This initial launch features three appealing and distinctive models defined by their finish and pickups.

HG01 is equipped with three revolutionary patented Lace Alumitones. Two single coil versions for the neck and middle position, followed by a new Lowboy Alumitone humbucker in the bridge position. Gloss black is the standard color.

Helix MAYA HG01

Helix MAYA HG01

HG02 is designed with the Lace Drop & Gain humbuckers; with all-black-hardware and a special matte black finish. This guitar is designed for a Heavy Metal guitarists.

Helix MAYA HG02

Helix MAYA HG02

HG03 features three of the Lace Hot-Gold single coil pickups along with a precision tremolo. It is available in gloss black.

Helix MAYA HG03

Helix MAYA HG03

All three of the aforementioned HELIX models feature:

  • Made in USA – Lace pickups
  • Lace control knobs
  • CTS pots and Grover tuners

All their pickups are handmade and assembled at the Lace factory in Huntington Beach, CA.

The MAYA edition carries the new Helix guitar body silhouette, an ebony fingerboard and abalone 12th fret Helix inlay. The guitar comes standard with a trend setting Red Label gig bag at no additional charge.

The first run of Helix MAYA Edition in black will be personally signed by Don and Jeff Lace and is limited to the first 100 pieces of each model.

Dealers will receive their first Helix guitars first quarter of 2009. Suggested Retail is $999.99 For more information, visit Lace’s official website at


2 Responses to “Lace Helix Electric Guitar”
  1. NAMM says:

    Why settle for only one? Take a dozen 😉

  2. Robert Hollingsworth says:

    Can I get a free guitar? I like the Helix MAYA HG03. You can send it to 1322 W. Michigan Ave. Lansing, MI 48915

    Thanks in advance!

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