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Korg MicroKORG XLKorg finally confirmed that the MicroKORG XL will be set to launch, but didn’t reveal everything just yet. Korg only released spec details of this new mini mighty synth.

First and foremost, we should inform you that this isn’t Korg’s replacement of the standard MicroKORG – this unit will sit alongside the original MicroKORG in their product line known as its ‘big brother’. However, despite boasting all the enhanced features, it actually has fewer controls and is shamelessly retro in appearance.

In addition to its new look, the XL also delivers a different feel, and thanks to its inclusion of a newly developed and enhanced ‘natural touch’ cascade mini keyboard. This promises to enrich perfect playability and benefit from the superior proportioned black and white keys.

The MicroKORG XL is powered by Korg’s (MMT) Multi Modeling Technology – similar as to what you’ll find in Korg’s Radias and R3 synths. The modernized ROM contains PCM data, which means that in addition to being able to produce expandable synthetic sounds, the XL can also emulate keyboard instruments such as electric/acoustic clavinets and pianos.

Korg: Keep it simple-

The MicroKorg XL produces 128 sounds in total, which are controlled with two large dials. The first dial allows you to select your musical genre and the second dial allows you to select the instrument type. Also, there are three performance knobs for quick editing which can be assigned to each parameter of your preference.

What’s more, is the in-depth tweaking can be carried out in the downloadable editing software and you can also load up converted MicroKORG and MS2000 programs.

Why stop there? MicroKORG’s sounds can be even more enhanced with two master effects processors that are derived from Korg’s Kaoss series. 17 algorithms come supplied with a wealth of delay effects that are essentially “syncable” to MIDI clock.

Also onboard the MicroKORG XL is a 16-band Vocoder. Level and pan settings can be adjusted individually for each band and there are “Formant Hold” and “Formant Shift” functions. The addition of the gooseneck mic means that you can start enjoying the Vocoder feature right away.

We are looking forward to getting our hands on the MicroKORG XL. It certainly looks as if it’ll deliver jaw dropping and unique sounds. We don’t know how much this unit is going to sell for just yet, but Korg has told us that it will be available early/mid February 2009. So stay tuned!

Korg MicroKORG XL

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