Hughes & Kettner Tube Factor Pedal

March 10, 2009 by  

Hughes & Kettner Tube Factor Pedal

The Hughes & Kettner Tube Factor is a high-voltage booster/overdrive pedal. By feeding ample juice (upwards of 300-volts) to its tube-based preamp tone circuitry; this unit supplies you with the real deal: a warm tube clean sound and a blazing, saturated-tube lead sound. Both are selected from the press of a switch. The Tube Factor is the key ingredient to producing the most desired lead sounds from vintage amps and genuine tube tone from solid state combos. In effect, it expands any amplifier with an additional channel.

Due to the pedals high-voltage capability, a broader range of responsiveness occurs between the guitar and the amplifier. *Read More
Average price: $300 – $350

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