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Gibson Gear — a division of Gibson Guitar, announced the availability of Gibson Historic Spec guitar parts available exclusively through authorized dealers. Because of the overwhelming demand, Gibson Gear has added several new historic parts which have never been offered before to their product line. These new products range from a Historic Potentiometer, Historic Toggle Switch Cap, Historic Knob Pointers, Historic Output Jack, Historic Toggle Switch Washer, Historic ’61 Truss Rod Cover, Historic Non-Wire ABR-1 Bridge, Historic Spec Bumble Bee Capacitors, and the ever popular ’57 Classic Humbucker with 4-Conductor Wiring. Gibson Gear’s Historic Parts are directly based on the original specs of guitars used by such greats as Billy Gibbons, Joe Bonamassa, and Lenny Kravitz.

The full list of latest offering from Gibson Gear includes:

Historic Potentiometer – 500K Audio Taper

This Historic Potentiometer has been designed to be vintage-accurate, specifically in terms of its dramatic audio taper with a dynamic sweep from 1 to 10. MSRP $16.99

Historic Toggle Switch Cap – 2-Pack

This two-pack of Historic Toggle Switch Caps will help you re-create the look of a vintage Gibson guitar. These genuine caps carry a more vintage-accurate amber color and fit any Les Paul, 335, SG or other classic Gibson electric guitar. MSRP $29.99

Historic Knob Pointers – Nickel – 4 Pack

This set of four Nickel Historic Knob Pointers each feature a shape and angle that is accurate to the original pointers used in classic Gibson guitars. As with those historic items, the tip comes to a sharp point and is set at a straight up-and-down, 90-degree angle. MSRP $34.99

Historic Knob Pointers – Gold – 4 Pack

This set of four Gold Historic Knob Pointers each feature a shape and angle that is accurate to the original pointers used in classic Gibson guitars. As with those historic items, the tip comes to a sharp point and is set at a straight up-and-down, 90-degree angle. However, there is one difference: back in the ’50s, Gibson never made gold knob pointers! Now, you can re-write history with this golden set. MSRP $38.49

Historic Output Jack – Square

Musician's Friend

This Historic Output Jack is the spitting image of the plastic jacks featured on classic Gibson guitars. More accurate in shape, color and thickness (Gibson USA’s current output jacks are twice as thick), this cream-colored jack will give your guitar that vintage look, down to the most important detail. MSRP $38.49

Historic Toggle Switch Washer

This Historic Toggle Switch Washer looks just like the washers encircling toggle switches on classic Gibsons. Featuring vintage-accurate shape, thickness and color, this cream-colored washer features the words “Rhythm” and “Treble” silkscreened in Gold Top paint, just like the original washers. MSRP $45.99

Historic ’61 Truss Rod Cover – Les Paul

Guitar aficionados might recognize the style of this Historic ’61 Truss Rod Cover from the original batch of Gibson SGs (which were actually called Les Pauls). With the guitar legend’s name etched in script, this cover looks just like the original – down to the extra amount of white plastic visible underneath the black piece. Gibson precisely glues together the two pieces, just like in the old days. This is the first time ever that Gibson is offering this Les Paul truss rod cover as a stand-alone item. MSRP $53.99

Historic Non-Wire ABR-1 Bridge

With this Historic Non-Wire ABR-1 Bridge, Gibson has re-created the famous non-wire bridge it used on its electric guitars until 1962-63. “GIBSON ABR-1” is featured in raised letters on the base of the bridge. The vintage bridge also includes un-notched saddles, in order to fully emulate the classic parts. The Non-Wire ABR-1 Bridge, which comes with the full assembly, is available in nickel or gold. MSRP $202.49

Historic Spec Bumble Bee Capacitors – 2 Pack

This two-item set of .22 mfd Bumble Bee Capacitors look, perform and sound just like the original capacitors, which were used on late ’50s Les Pauls and vintage SGs. Famous for their tone (and their stripes!), the Historic Spec Bumble Bee Capacitors are specially made for Gibson and can help you achieve that sweet, full tone our legendary instruments are famous for. MSRP $114.99

’57 Classic Humbucker with 4-Conductor Wiring

By popular demand, Gibson is releasing the first 4-conductor vintage pickup! This ’57 Classic Humbucker features all the same specs at the original, but features 4-conductor wiring for more tone options. You can split the coils and give your Gibson precisely the vintage sound you’re looking for. A pickup with a tone that is “true vintage,” this Gibson ’57 Classic delivers a creamy, smooth output that sounds rich and full. MSRP $276.91

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