Digitech RP1000 Integrated Effect Switching System

November 4, 2008 by  

Update: Read Digitech RP-1000 Review

Digitech RP1000DigiTech unveils its latest addition to the popular RP product line. Tone addicts, meet the almighty RP1000 Integrated Effects Switching System. The DP1000 is more than a multi-effects processor, the unit sports a switchable, external stompbox loop as well as an external amp loop that allows the RP-1000 to easily connect and control external gear.

“Unlike most multi-effects products, the RP1000 works with the guitarist’s favorite gear so they do not have to compromise their personal tone. ,“ says Jason Lamb, (Digitech’s Marketing Manager.)

“We realize that guitarists want to use different brands and types of gear to personalize their tone so the RP1000 will do just that.” Jason adds.

The RP1000 also features an Amp/Cabinet bypass button that removes the RP1000’s internal amplifiers and cabinet effects, while leaving the RP1000’s internal stompboxes and effects; including 200 presets (100 factory, 100 user) individual pedal boards are all still accessible.

The RP1000 features over 160 effects, internal stompboxes, amps and cabinets including the legendary DigiTech Whammy. The RP1000 is also built for hardcore stage presence with its heavy-duty cast metal chassis, and 14 metal plunger switches.

In addition to all the great features above, the RP1000 sports a 20-second phrase looper , which allows the user to easily record, and overdub tracks for one-man band performances, writing and practicing. Control of the full-time phrase looper can be expanded with DigiTech’s optional FS3X foot controller.

The DigiTech RP1000 Integrated Effects Switching System doesn’t come cheap. It lists for $699.
Keep an eye out at American Musical Supply (AMS) for great deals. Read Digitech RP-1000 Review.

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