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Death By Audio Robot Effect PedalDeath By Audio experimenters’ facilities in Brooklyn, NY have developed an incredible lo-fi pitch transposing effect pedal, the Robot. New and wild effectors are changing the face of music today and this is the pedal to transform your sound into a balls-out storm of chaos and destruction. It blasts any input signal into an 8-bit digital signal and from there you can shift the pitch up, down, around, and sideways.

There is a volume knob, a four mode selector switch, and a control knob on the pedal. The four modes of the pedal include: normal 8-bit synthesis fuzz, down, up, and arpeggiation. The fuzz setting produces a freaked-out trashy fuzz sound where turning the control knob counter-clockwise bends down the normal pitch of the instrument. The up and down settings produce mangled sounds with lower and higher pitches where the control knob bends pitch and messes up the fidelity even further. The arpeggiation setting transforms the Robot into beautifully sequenced robotalk where the control knob adjusts the speed from slow riffs to speedboat sputtering. This is not a polite overdrive pedal; it is an unwieldy noise machine.

Sound Samples:

The Robot like all Death By Audio pedals is built like a tank (or, um, a robot), is true bypass, works with 9 volt batteries or an ac adaptor and has a lifetime warranty. Each one is hand built with care as if we were going to be using the pedal with our rig. Source: Harmony-Central — Retail Price: $320 Visit their web site at for more information.

Death By Audio Robot

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