DBZ Guitars: The Making Of A Guitar Company

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DBZ GuitarsDBZ Guitars–For the first time in history a legendary guitar maker has granted us a unique opportunity: A front row seat to a real behind the scenes look at “The Making of a Guitar Company”. The last time anything like this was possible was when Leo Fender left Fender and started Music Man. At that time we did not have the Internet and the technology to broadcast the journey did not exist.

When we consider modern day guitar companies with a famed guitar builder at the helm, there are only a couple that come to mind…and only one is starting a brand new guitar company -Dean B. Zelinsky. We will now have an intimate view of how it actually happens.

Here’s a bit of what DBZ fans can expect to see on the DBZ Guitars Forum:

  • A close up look at the USA guitars being built in the Chicago custom shop. From the first cut of the bodies, to paint and final assembly, all will be revealed
  • Production in the Orient: From the Imperials to the Darkside guitars, you’ll see how it works and witness the quality of DBZ Guitars
  • DBZ Artist news as it develops
  • Prototypes and special projects
  • Regular updates from Dean B. Zelinsky and the DBZ Staff
  • An opportunity to interact with a famed guitar maker behind the scenes
  • An open forum for discussions on all things DBZ!

During my time as Artist Relations Director for Premier Guitar Media, I had an opportunity to travel across the country and check out a lot of guitar companies, amp companies and well you get the idea…all things gear. I’ve pretty much seen it all from boutique small builders to mass production facilities. When I met Dean, I was already well aware of his history but was now fortunate enough to get a glimpse of his vision for DBZ. I was intrigued by his creativity, innovative designs and his tenacity for taking guitars to a new level. When I was offered the chance to join the DBZ guitars team, I knew it was the real deal and would become history in the making” -Brett Petrusek, Marketing Director DBZ Guitars

Welcome to the Making of a Guitar Company, welcome to the DBZ Guitars Forum!

About DBZ Guitars

DBZ Guitars is the new creation of legendary guitar maker Dean Zelinsky and Jeff Diamant President and CEO of Diamond Amplification. DBZ Guitars is taking guitar making to the next level by embracing modern technology, new design concepts and 30 plus years of Zelinsky’s experience as an innovator and guitar designer for the stars.

The company has USA facility in the Chicago Illinois suburbs as well as offshore manufacturing with worldwide distribution. DBZ Guitars offer an extensive line of electric and acoustic guitars ranging from $448 – $6,220. Visit DBZ Guitars official message forum and keep in tune with DBZ Guitars.


One Response to “DBZ Guitars: The Making Of A Guitar Company”
  1. freddy1955 says:

    Well, if anyone can build a guitar company, it is Dean Zelinsky. I will be following DBZ to see what comes.

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